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Check Out What Government Workers Make Across Ohio

In Ohio today, private sector workers earn substantially less than their federal government neighbor in 87 out of 88 counties; earn a lot less than their state worker neighbors in 85 out of 88 counties; and earn less than their local government neighbor in 69 out of 88 counties. When benefits like health care, sick leave, and pensions are added to the mix, the goldplated compensation packages of government workers far outstrip those available to the vast majority of Ohioans in the private sector. Take a minute to get the facts on exactly how goldplated the government system really is.

Find Out How Much State Government Pays for Your Job

Instead of confusing you with generic comparisons that shade the truth like the union-funded groups do, we've made it easy for you to compare what you make to your peer in state government. We use the actual payroll data from the State of Ohio. As they say, knowledge is power.

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Job 3:

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