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Is #GivingTuesday a coordinated scam? Also, Buckeye brings sexy back...

November 28, 2023

Why is every charity I've ever heard of "coincidentally" emailing today asking for money when I'm still savoring a few last turkey/cranberry/mayo sandwiches? If you don’t like mayo on turkey with cranberry sauce, kindly excuse yourself into the other room please—we have no time for that kind of intolerance in this household...

Buckeye Research Casts Doubt on Value of Knox County’s Solar Deal for Taxpayers

Rea S. Hederman Jr. and Trevor W. Lewis November 21, 2023

Frasier Solar has promised Knox County residents that local schools and townships will receive more than a million dollars per year if the county declines to collect property taxes from Frasier’s solar farms. Given the size of the windfall, Knox County is eager to waive Frasier Solar’s property tax bill. However, an analysis by The Buckeye Institute shows that Ohio’s statutory maximum rates for such “payment-in-lieu-of-taxes” (PILOT) deals may well be too low for such a deal to make sense for the county’s taxpayers. 

On data privacy, look to the states and not to Europe for solutions

Logan Kolas October 13, 2023

Following the release of its new policy report, Key Principles for State Data Privacy Laws, The Buckeye Institute takes to the pages of The Hill to offer a free-market approach to data privacy laws. “More than two decades of Washington’s inaction on data privacy prove that whatever Congress may say about the subject, it cannot be trusted to pass responsible, comprehensive data privacy rules. And certainly not in time to save the country from a patchwork of ham-fisted European-style laws.”

California’s Big Oil Lawsuit Bites the Hand that Feeds the State

Trevor W. Lewis October 13, 2023

At RealClearPolicy, The Buckeye Institute exposes California’s hostility to an oil and gas industry that Californians rely on for more than 70 percent of their energy needs. “Without big oil, California will soon be entirely dependent on expensive foreign crude. And for Governor Newsom, that seems to be a feature, not a bug. Joining a long series of misguided policies, pledges, and commitments, his lawsuit is just the latest skirmish in the state’s multi-theater war on U.S. oil.”

Supreme Impact: How an Ohio think tank is shaping the U.S. Supreme Court's agenda

The Columbus Dispatch October 08, 2023

The Buckeye Institute “has quietly become one of the most prominent players shaping the U.S. Supreme Court's agenda,” writes Columbus Dispatch reporter Anna Staver in a piece that featured the great work of Buckeye’s Legal Center. “‘We are having a tremendous impact,’ President Robert Alt said. ‘That The Buckeye Institute has surpassed so many larger and better-established organizations in Supreme Court amicus practice is a real testament to Buckeye's strategic approach and the skill of our attorneys.’”

Immersive Learning Technologies: Changing How We Live and Learn

Logan Kolas October 04, 2023

“As a recent Buckeye Institute policy brief explains, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies can help workers prepare and train for new jobs in advanced manufacturing—but they are also already changing the way we live, work, and learn.” The Buckeye Institute looks at how immersive learning technologies are changing how we live and learn.

Millions are leaving Medicaid, and that’s a good thing

Rea S. Hederman Jr. September 23, 2023

In The Hill, The Buckeye Institute offers recommendations on how states should approach Medicaid redetermination, which is required now that the federal Covid health emergency is over. “States cannot stop eligibility reviews — they have a duty to keep Medicaid solvent for those who need it. A necessary step toward doing this is to remove ineligible enrollees who have gone back to work and now exceed the Medicaid income threshold.”

Ohio is Model for Regulatory Reform

Rea S. Hederman Jr. September 18, 2023

On RealClearPolicy, The Buckeye Institute touts Ohio’s success on regulatory reform. By adopting Buckeye-championed policies, Ohio has established itself as a national leader in cutting government regulations that “get in the way of new careers,” “keep new products from coming to market,” and “raise the prices of virtually everything we buy and sell.” For other states ready to cut regulations, “Ohio is showing them how.”

Help wanted: More bright minds in Dayton

Logan Kolas September 11, 2023

In the Dayton Daily News, The Buckeye Institute makes the case for a state-based visa program that enables Ohio to attract the workers it desperately needs. “State policymakers can collaborate with federal policymakers to create a system of state-based visas to allow for more high-skilled immigrants who want to work, invent, and invest themselves in Ohio. More people, more creative minds, more motivated inventors — and more stories like the Wright brothers in Dayton.”

Lawmakers in Alaska face tough choices about how to best balance the state budget in the coming months.

Trevor W. Lewis and Isaac Orr August 24, 2023

In The Washington Times, The Buckeye Institute and the Center of the American Experiment look at the tough choices Alaska lawmakers face to balance the state’s budget. The authors write, “While the temptation may be strong to try to raise more money from the energy industry, even in conservative states, trying to plug the budget hole by taxing petroleum producers will inevitably backfire by reducing Alaska’s energy production.”