Accountable Government

Providing maximum transparency for citizens to see the cost and role of state and local government.

Budget & Taxes

Creating a pro-economic growth tax system and ensuring responsible government spending.

Criminal Justice

Keeping communities safe through fair processes, fair laws, and just outcomes.


Giving all children the best education through school choice and returning local control to every community.

Energy & Environment

Protecting natural resources through personal stewardship, business innovation, and fair treatment by government.


Upholding the balance of power between states and the federal government as prescribed in the U.S. Constitution.

Health Care

Increasing coverage, quality, and affordability by supporting customers and competition among providers.

Individual Rights

Protecting the rights of every man and woman and scaling back oppressive bureaucracy.

Jobs & Entrepreneurship

Moving the economy forward by freeing up people to create good jobs, higher wages, and new products.


Empowering all workers to stand up for their rights and move ahead toward fulfilling careers.


Defending public policy in courtrooms, fighting for individual liberty and state autonomy.

Minimum Wage

Helping low-income and young workers secure jobs by enabling employers to pay competitive, affordable wages.

Occupational Licensing

Helping workers move up in their careers without having to seek costly, time-consuming permission from government.

Property Rights

Creating a stable atmosphere that allows individuals the freedom to do with their property as they see fit.


Scaling back any bureaucratic regulation that stands in the way of increased job creation and economic growth.

Tort Reform

Limiting outrageous court awards and frivolous lawsuits, allowing business owners, medical practitioners, and innovators to thrive.