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The Buckeye Institute: Ohio Shouldn’t Regulate Professions Unless There is a Risk to Public Safety

Greg R. Lawson May 22, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson testified today before the Ohio House Economic Development, Commerce, and Labor Committee on the policies in House Bill 504.

The Buckeye Institute Calls on Policymakers to Protect the “Brilliance of America’s Constitution”: Federalism

Daniel J. Dew May 21, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Daniel J. Dew testified today before the Ohio Senate Local Government, Public Safety, and Veterans Affairs Committee on Senate Concurrent Resolution 23 and the importance of constitutional federalism. 

The Buckeye Institute: Ohio’s Job Market Continues its Steady Climb

May 18, 2018

Columbus, OH – Andrew J. Kidd, Ph.D., an economist with The Buckeye Institute’s Economic Research Center, commented on newly released employment data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

The Buckeye Institute Reacts to HHS Determination that Ohio’s 1332 Medicaid Waiver Application is Incomplete

May 17, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute issued a statement on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' determination that Ohio’s 1332 Medicaid waiver application was incomplete.

The Buckeye Institute: Changes to Renewable Energy Mandate Risk Ohio’s Economy

May 17, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute issued the following statement on the changes made to the policies in House Bill 114.

New Research by Buckeye’s Economic Research Center Shows How Tax Proposals Would Hurt Louisiana’s Economy

May 17, 2018

Columbus, OHNew research conducted by economists at The Buckeye Institute’s Economic Research Center (ERC) found that tax increases being considered by policymakers in Louisiana would lead to a loss of jobs and a decline in the state’s economy. 

The Buckeye Institute Joins Coalition of Voices Calling for Protection of Taxpayers and Free Speech

May 16, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute joined a coalition of more than 60 organizations calling on President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to protect taxpayers and their First Amendment rights to confidentially give to charitable organizations without the fear of intimidation (Read the letter here).

The Buckeye Institute Again Calls on Policymakers to Close Tax Loopholes

Greg R. Lawson May 09, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson submitted written testimony today to the Ohio Tax Expenditure Review Committee urging the committee to close tax loopholes, which would create a better economic environment to grow Ohio’s economy.

New Buckeye Institute Research Finds Bail Reform Could Save Ohio Communities $67 Million

Daniel J. Dew May 02, 2018

Columbus, OH – In this new research, The Ohio Model for Bail Reform: Retaining Local Flexibility and Saving Money, Daniel J. Dew, and analysts with Buckeye’s Economic Research Center, looked at Summit County, which uses a verified risk-assessment tool to inform pretrial detention decisions. They found that Ohio could see an annual cost savings of $67,136,121 if it reforms its cash bail system and gives judges greater flexibility to use proven, evidence-based, risk-assessment tools to assess the risk an individual poses to the community rather than relying on cash bail.

The Buckeye Institute: Ohio’s Medicaid Waiver Request is First Step to Fixing a Broken System

May 01, 2018

Columbus, OH – Rea S. Hederman Jr., executive director of the Economic Research Center at The Buckeye Institute and vice president of policy issued the following statement on the submission of the Medicaid work and community engagement waiver by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.