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The Buckeye Institute’s Robert Alt: Unions Should Rally Behind the First Amendment Rights of All Public Employees

February 24, 2018

Columbus, OH – Robert Alt, president and chief executive officer of The Buckeye Institute, issued the following statement regarding the Working People’s Day of Action rally in Columbus, Ohio, saying, "“On Monday, we will once again watch the robust protections of our constitutional system in action as Mr. Janus’ case is heard before the Supreme Court of the United States. If Mr. Janus prevails, public employees will no longer be forced to pay for political speech with which they disagree, thus ending the violation of their First Amendment rights."

The Buckeye Institute’s Greg Lawson: Court Ruling Allows Ohio Small Businesses to Focus on Growing and Creating Jobs

February 22, 2018

Columbus, OH – Greg R. Lawson, research fellow at The Buckeye Institute, issued the following statement regarding Franklin County Judge David Cain’s decision to uphold a provision in Ohio’s budget that allows the state to collect municipal business-profit taxes from cities, counties, and villages.

The Buckeye Institute’s Rea Hederman Praises Initial Steps in Waiver Process, Says More Needs to be Done

February 20, 2018

Rea S. Hederman Jr., who is executive director of the Economic Research Center at The Buckeye Institute, vice president of policy, and a nationally recognized expert on health care policy, and the author of Returning Health Care Power to the States: The Affordable Care Act’s Section 1332 Waiver for State Innovation, issued the following statement on Ohio's two Medicaid waiver proposals.

The Buckeye Institute Testifies on the Negative Impacts of Tax Exemptions

Greg R. Lawson February 20, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson testified today before the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee, highlighting the ways that tax credits and exemptions cost Ohio and Ohioans money, and how they complicate the state’s tax code making it more difficult for taxpayers to fill-out their returns. 

New Buckeye Institute Policy Brief Highlights the Problems with Government-Owned Broadband Networks

Greg R. Lawson February 14, 2018

Columbus, OH – In The Buckeye Institute’s most recent policy brief, Broadband “GON” Wrong: Remembering Why Government-Owned Broadband Networks Are Bad for Taxpayers, Greg R. Lawson looks at the problems with government-owned and run networks and their high cost to taxpayers.

The Buckeye Institute Calls for the Protection of Taxpayers and Free Speech

February 08, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute has joined a coalition of more than 100 organizations calling on Congress to protect taxpayers and their First Amendment rights to confidentially give to charitable organizations without the fear of intimidation (Read the letter here).

As Capital Budget Season Begins, Buckeye’s Newest Report Outlines Principles to Guide Government Spending

Greg R. Lawson and Quinn Beeson February 05, 2018

Columbus, OH – As the Ohio General Assembly prepares to consider the 2018 capital budget, The Buckeye Institute released its most recent report, Principled Spending: Using Ohio’s Capital Budget to Benefit Ohioans. The report outlines three principles policymakers should use in spending taxpayer dollars and recommends using the 2018 capital budget to strengthen Ohio’s physical and democratic infrastructure.

Buckeye’s Greg Lawson: Past Time to End Ohio’s Byzantine Licensing Requirements

January 30, 2018

Columbus, OH – Greg R. Lawson, research fellow at The Buckeye Institute issued the following statement on the need for occupational licensing reform in Ohio. The statement was issued as the Ohio House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee heard testimony on House Bill 289.

The Buckeye Institute Unveils Outdoor Ads Highlighting the Need for Worker Voting Rights

January 24, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute recently unveiled outdoor advertisements to raise awareness of the need for worker voting rights for Ohio’s public employees. Buckeye’s worker voting rights campaign highlights the importance of giving public-sector employees a vote in choosing the union that represents them at the bargaining table, something 94 percent of union members have never had the opportunity to do.

The Buckeye Institute Testifies on the Need to Reform Ohio’s Failing Cash Bail System

Daniel J. Dew January 23, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Daniel J. Dew testified today before the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee on Ohio’s failing cash bail system, which the polices in House Bill 439 would reform. In his testimony, Dew said, “Pretrial decisions should be based on risk, not the size of the defendant’s wallet. As experience has shown, money deposited with the court or with a bail agent does not make a person less dangerous. Policies like those found in House Bill 439 would make our system fairer and our communities safer.”