Policy Solutions for the Pandemic

“Getting America back to work and preventing the next pandemic requires us to look critically at state and federal regulations that create needless barriers to the delivery of medical services, or to unleashing American ingenuity.” ~ Robert Alt, president and chief executive officer, The Buckeye Institute

Since the earliest days of the coronavirus pandemic, The Buckeye Institute has outlined immediate actions Ohio policymakers can take to ensure Ohio is ready to fight and recover from the pandemic. The recommendations focus on policies to boost Ohio’s health care system and support Ohio’s workers, small businesses, and the economy.

Ohio has adopted many of Buckeye's policy recommendations on how to strengthen Ohio’s health care system and provide for families and businesses facing unexpected economic hardship including:

  • Increasing telehealth access and monitoring;
  • Extending universal recognition of out-of-state medical licenses to doctors and physician assistants;
  • Extending universal recognition of out-of-state medical licenses to nurses;
  • Permitting pharmacists to test for COVID-19;
  • Enlisting medical and nursing students to support doctors and nurses fighting COVID-19;
  • Beginning to eliminate unnecessary budget commitments;
  • Instituting a hiring freeze in state government;
  • Allowing establishments with an existing liquor permit to sell and deliver alcohol on carryout menus;
  • Expanding broadband access to underserved areas of Ohio; and 
  • Providing responsible businesses, schools, and workers with critical liability protections from COVID-19 lawsuits.