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The Buckeye Institute: Competition in Ohio’s Electricity Market Will Save Ohioans Money and Improve Economy

Greg R. Lawson December 12, 2017

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Greg R. Lawson submitted written testimony today to the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee on the need to increase competition in Ohio’s electricity market and the important reform policies found in House Bill 247.

New Buckeye Report Finds Ohio’s “Money Bail” System is Dangerous to Communities

Daniel J. Dew December 11, 2017

Columbus, OH – Today, The Buckeye Institute released its latest policy report, “Money Bail”: Making Ohio a More Dangerous Place to Live, which looks at the need for Ohio to replace its failing cash bail system with proven risk-assessment tools that provide a fairer, more efficient way to keep Ohio’s communities safe and secure.

Proposed Changes to Ohio’s Cash Bail Policy are First Step to Fixing Broken System

December 07, 2017

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute issued the following statement upon the introduction of House Bill 439, sponsored by State Representative Jonathan Dever (R-28), which would move Ohio away from an arbitrary cash bail system and give judges more flexibility and more information to detain dangerous defendants before trial.

The Buckeye Institute Files Amicus Brief in Janus Case

December 06, 2017

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute today filed a new amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in the case Janus v. American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31, arguing that overturning Abood v. Detroit Board of Education is unlikely to cause significant decline in union membership or spending.

How Tax Reform Will Affect Ohio’s Families

Quinn Beeson November 28, 2017

Talk of tax reform has been everywhere recently, with many different opinions being voiced as both the U.S. House (passed on November 16) and Senate (still being debated) have released their own versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in the past several weeks. Like many other attempts for political reform, this tax bill will see more changes and compromise before it is officially passed. With this in mind, let’s take a look at two main ways this initial proposal will impact you, your family, and your fellow Ohioans.

It's Time For Public Sector Workers To Be Given A Voice And Choice

Robert Alt November 27, 2017

Every morning, hardworking men and women in every state drink their coffee and diligently go to work on our behalf—in our neighborhoods as public school teachers, home care workers, engineers, and in agencies protecting the environment. Unfortunately, while these civic-minded professionals go to work for us, the labor unions that they must join in order to teach our children or serve our communities do not always work for them...There is a solution.

"Gotta Get Back in Time": Ohio’s Prison Population Falls to 2013 Levels

Daniel J. Dew November 21, 2017

Ohio’s prison system costs taxpayers $1.8 billion every year. By reexamining criminal justice issues, policymakers are ensuring that those dollars are spent wisely. Good policy ensures that dangerous criminals are off the streets, while those who have made mistakes and can be safely rehabilitated in the community are placed on the path to become responsible citizens. 

License to Work 2.0: Past Time to End the Permission Slip Policy on Jobs

Greg R. Lawson November 20, 2017

In all too many cases occupational licensing is little more than a mandatory permission slip that is imposed by a “Big Brother” like government and does little to ensure real public safety. Many of these burdens make it difficult for lower-income Ohioans to move up the ladder of economic success by getting a job and getting it quickly.

Buckeye’s Rea Hederman: Something to be Thankful for in Ohio’s Jobs Numbers

November 17, 2017

Columbus, OH – Rea S. Hederman Jr., executive vice president at The Buckeye Institute, commented on newly released unemployment data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. “In time for the holidays, the Ohio labor market is looking up. The household survey showed a solid month for the labor market with the unemployment rate falling from 5.3 percent to 5.1 as more Ohioans found work."

The Future of Medicaid Depends on Meaningful Reform

Greg R. Lawson November 15, 2017

Medicaid spending was exploding well before the misguided expansion in 2013. Despite the happy talk of Medicaid coming in “under budget,” the influx of more than 700,000 able-bodied adults, according to the latest enrollment numbers, has nearly stressed the program to its breaking point. In August 2017, the total spending for Medicaid totaled $2.4 billion. That’s is $354.9 million, or 17.4 percent, more than spending for the same month in the previous fiscal year!