How Network Leaders Helped Defeat the OSHA Vaccine Mandate

Feb 07, 2022

State Policy Network
America At Its Best: The Show

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are facing many challenges to their way of life. Despite some of the bad news that has come from this unprecedented time in history, there is much room for optimism. To that end, State Policy Network has produced a new show for our supporters and partners that tells powerful stories of good news and fast solutions from the Network of 65 state-based think tanks and over 90 national partners across the country who are out there saving lives and livelihoods.

In this episode, Network leaders from the Pelican Institute in Louisiana and The Buckeye Institute in Ohio share stories of how their strategic litigation helped topple one of the biggest examples of government overreach in 2021: The Biden administration's vaccine mandate on private businesses.

Robert Alt, The Buckeye Institute
Daniel Erspamer, Pelican Institute
Rebecca Painter, State Policy Network