Open Ohio for business: Reform the municipal income tax now

Apr 21, 2014

The Buckeye Institute’s recent Columbus Dispatch op-ed by our Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst, Greg R. Lawson, asks of Ohio policymakers:

Is a state really open for business when its local governments require some businesses to file not one, not two, but between 30 and 40 W-2 tax forms for their employees? Or how about a state with local governments collecting income taxes on as little as $5 earned? Or a state with more than 15,000 pages of local ordinances defining hundreds of different local taxes?

Ohio’s municipal income tax system, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, is “the most complicated, absurd and punitive system of municipal taxation in the nation.” It can even tax you twice if you live and work in different cities!

The Buckeye Institute has been working with a broad coalition to mitigate the economic drag and unfairness of this uniquely bad system of taxation.

We testified before the Ohio House Ways and Means Committee during hearings on municipal income tax reform and authored a joint opinion piece with the Tax Foundation that ran in Forbes also calling for reform.

The time is ripe for reform.

We have only recently begun climbing out of the economic pit Ohio fell into when it lost more private sector jobs than any state in the nation besides Michigan.

The Buckeye Institute is leading the charge on implementing pro-growth economic policies, but we cannot do it without your help.

Streamlining and simplifying Ohio’s dysfunctional municipal income tax system is a surefire way to spur Ohio’s economic growth. Please help us make “open for business” a reality in Ohio.