Facts of Buckeye v. Kilgore

Buckeye v. Kilgore | Timeline of the Case

Current Status
Appealed to Ohio’s Tenth District Court of Appeals on April 28, 2021, case number 21-AP-000193

Originally Filed
July 2, 2020

Original Court
Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

The Buckeye Institute
Rea S. Hederman Jr. of Powell
Greg R. Lawson of Westerville
Joe Nichols of Newark Township

Robert Alt, president and chief executive officer, The Buckeye Institute
Jay R. Carson, associate, Wegman Hessler, and senior litigator, The Buckeye Institute

Key Question in the Case
Is it constitutional for the work of employees—who were forced to work from home during Ohio’s stay-at-home order—to be deemed to have been performed in a different city than it actually was performed for the purpose of taxation?

Media Contact
Lisa A. Gates, vice president of communications, The Buckeye Institute
Direct: (614) 224-3255 or Lisa@BuckeyeInstitute.org