Ohio Governor Signs The Buckeye Institute-Championed Best-in-the-Nation Occupational Licensing Reform Policy

Jan 04, 2019

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s longtime efforts championing the reform and elimination of Ohio’s economically-detrimental occupational licensing requirements culminated in the passage of Senate Bill 255 on December 19, which Governor John Kasich then signed into law today.

“With the signing of Senate Bill 255, Ohio has gone from being one of the very worst states in the nation on occupational licensing to the very best,” said Greg R. Lawson, a research fellow at The Buckeye Institute. “Through the extraordinary leadership of Senate President Larry Obhof, Senator Rob McColley, and Representative Ron Hood, Ohio can now rightly claim its place at the top of the list of states on occupational licensing, with the country’s strongest reforms and most rigorous tools to review existing and new licensing laws.”

The Buckeye Institute’s work on this issue and Ohio’s reform have been widely praised by policymakers and experts across Ohio and Washington, D.C.

Ohio State Senator Rob McColley (SD-1)

“The Buckeye Institute has been instrumental in fighting for occupational licensing reform for so many years. Now, thanks in large part to Buckeye’s tireless work on these policies, Ohio is a national leader in removing barriers to employment.”

Ohio State Representative Ron Hood (HD-78)

“I have spent much of my legislative career fighting back against needless occupational licenses that take away my constituents’ freedom. Too often, these licenses are protectionist measures concerned primarily with restricting who can enter a given field rather than addressing legitimate public safety concerns. Now, thanks to the policy expertise of The Buckeye Institute combined with the capable efforts of my colleagues, Speaker Ryan Smith, Senate President Larry Obhof, and Senator Rob McColley, future legislators will be empowered with new tools to prevent the door of opportunity from being slammed shut on all too many Ohioans.”

Lee McGrath, senior legislative counsel, Institute for Justice

“The Institute for Justice has worked with many organizations on occupational licensing reform over the years. The Buckeye Institute stands tall among those groups as an effective leader and catalyst in accomplishing policy change by successfully assisting legislative sponsors Sen. Rob McColley and Rep. Ron Hood with securing one of the best occupational licensing policies in the nation. IJ looks forward to working with other states to build upon The Buckeye Institute’s tremendous success in Ohio.”

The Buckeye Institute has called for occupational licensing reform in countless articles and comments over the years. The Institute’s reports, Forbidden to Succeed: How Licensure Laws Hold Ohioans Back and Still Forbidden to Succeed: The Negative Effects of Occupational Licensing on Ohio’s Workforce, especially outlined the negative impacts of licensing requirements on workers and job creation.

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