The Buckeye Institute: Latest Attempt to Deny Ohio Families Freedom of School Choice is ‘Wasteful’

Jan 04, 2022

Columbus, OH – Greg R. Lawson, The Buckeye Institute; Eric “Yitz” Frank, School Choice Ohio; and Chad L. Aldis, Thomas B. Fordham Institute issued the following statement on the lawsuit challenging Ohio’s school choice programs. 

“The question on whether Ohio’s school choice programs are constitutional has already been asked and answered. Rather than waste taxpayers’ money, backers of this latest attempt to deny Ohio parents any choice in education would serve students better by actually working with families to ensure Ohio’s students are prepared for college, career, and real life. Unlike the misguided parties filing this wasteful lawsuit, we will always put students and families first. We also want to reassure the parents of the over 70,000 kids that would be thrown out of school if this suit prevails, that we have every confidence that the courts will see this sham for what it is.”

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