The Buckeye Institute: Ohio Senate Budget Includes Some Bold Reforms, But Overall Spending Levels Remain Unsustainable

Jun 09, 2021

Columbus, OH – Robert Alt, president and chief executive officer of The Buckeye Institute, issued the following statement on Substitute House Bill 110, Ohio’s biennial operating budget, which was passed by the Ohio Senate on Wednesday.

“The budget passed by the Senate contains some good policies, but—at $160 billion—it unfortunately still leads Ohio down a path of unsustainable spending. Ohio policymakers—at the state and local level—must prepare now for when the federal spigot is turned off and there is less money pouring in from Washington.

“The Senate established Ohio’s first-ever education savings account program, which will give Ohio’s children the best chance to succeed and offers a huge step forward for students in every corner of the state. The Senate also recognized what The Buckeye Institute has argued in significant court cases across the state: municipalities taxing people who do not live or work within their jurisdiction is unconstitutional. Although the Ohio Senate expanded our state’s successful Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison (T-CAP) program, the Conference Committee must adopt the House policy to ensure Ohioans in need of treatment and rehabilitation receive it.

“As the Conference Committee begins its work to finalize Ohio’s budget, The Buckeye Institute looks forward to helping lawmakers ensure the fiscal strength of our state is sound.”

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