Goodbye, Ohio. A talented massage therapist forced to leave state because of crazy licensing rules

Greg R. Lawson Feb 29, 2016

Read this letter from Jennifer McClellan, a massage therapist who returned to her native Columbus last year to be near family, to get a sense of the problem.

Ohio won’t accept her Minnesota license or give her an Ohio massage therapy license for reasons that are beyond ludicrous. Jennifer is considering a move to Indiana or North Carolina where licensing is sensible, efficient and pro-work.

“I don’t want to leave Ohio, but I need to support my family. Moving back to Ohio was the worst career decision I’ve ever made. The barriers to work are higher here than I ever imaged,” she says.

Should an experienced, college-educated, professional massage therapist with a spotless record should be able to work in Ohio with minimal bureaucratic interference? Of course.

Occupational licensing reform is essential to job growth in Ohio.

The Buckeye Institute has fought to end the only-in-Ohio salon manager’s license — needed by licensed cosmetologists to get promoted to store manager. The Ohio Senate voted unanimously February 10 to kill the license. The bill awaits House action.