Daniel J. Dew

The Buckeye Institute: Policies in SB66 Will Help Ohioans Rebuild Their Lives

Daniel J. Dew June 27, 2018

Columbus, OH – Daniel J. Dew, legal fellow at The Buckeye Institute’s Legal Center, issued a statement on the passage of Senate Bill 66, sponsored by senators John Eklund (R-18) and Charleta Tavares (D-15). The bill now awaits Governor John Kasich’s signature.

The Buckeye Institute Calls on Policymakers to Protect the “Brilliance of America’s Constitution”: Federalism

Daniel J. Dew May 21, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Daniel J. Dew testified today before the Ohio Senate Local Government, Public Safety, and Veterans Affairs Committee on Senate Concurrent Resolution 23 and the importance of constitutional federalism. 

New Buckeye Institute Research Finds Bail Reform Could Save Ohio Communities $67 Million

Daniel J. Dew May 02, 2018

Columbus, OH – In this new research, The Ohio Model for Bail Reform: Retaining Local Flexibility and Saving Money, Daniel J. Dew, and analysts with Buckeye’s Economic Research Center, looked at Summit County, which uses a verified risk-assessment tool to inform pretrial detention decisions. They found that Ohio could see an annual cost savings of $67,136,121 if it reforms its cash bail system and gives judges greater flexibility to use proven, evidence-based, risk-assessment tools to assess the risk an individual poses to the community rather than relying on cash bail.

Montgomery County Provides More Evidence that Ohio Needs Bail Reform

Daniel J. Dew February 21, 2018

Ohio’s cash bail system remains broken. Just ask Markcus Brown, the man locked-up for nine days because he did not meet the RTA’s dress code and he could not afford bail after his arrest for “trespassing” at the bus station. Mr. Brown’s case is another stark reminder that the cash bail status quo does a remarkably poor job of determining which defendants should be released before trial and which should wait in jail.

Ohioans really support bail reform

Daniel J. Dew February 05, 2018

In a piece for The Columbus Dispatch, Buckeye's Daniel J. Dew calls out suspect polling being used by the American Bail Coalition to claim that people oppose bail reform. Reputable polling, conducted and released using professional industry standards, shows 85 percent of people favor replacing cash bail with supervised release.

The Buckeye Institute Testifies on the Need to Reform Ohio’s Failing Cash Bail System

Daniel J. Dew January 23, 2018

Columbus, OH – The Buckeye Institute’s Daniel J. Dew testified today before the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee on Ohio’s failing cash bail system, which the polices in House Bill 439 would reform. In his testimony, Dew said, “Pretrial decisions should be based on risk, not the size of the defendant’s wallet. As experience has shown, money deposited with the court or with a bail agent does not make a person less dangerous. Policies like those found in House Bill 439 would make our system fairer and our communities safer.”

New Buckeye Report Finds Ohio’s “Money Bail” System is Dangerous to Communities

Daniel J. Dew December 11, 2017

Columbus, OH – Today, The Buckeye Institute released its latest policy report, “Money Bail”: Making Ohio a More Dangerous Place to Live, which looks at the need for Ohio to replace its failing cash bail system with proven risk-assessment tools that provide a fairer, more efficient way to keep Ohio’s communities safe and secure.

"Gotta Get Back in Time": Ohio’s Prison Population Falls to 2013 Levels

Daniel J. Dew November 21, 2017

Ohio’s prison system costs taxpayers $1.8 billion every year. By reexamining criminal justice issues, policymakers are ensuring that those dollars are spent wisely. Good policy ensures that dangerous criminals are off the streets, while those who have made mistakes and can be safely rehabilitated in the community are placed on the path to become responsible citizens. 

2016 Ohio Crime Up Slightly from 2015, but Still Historically Low

Daniel J. Dew October 23, 2017

The FBI recently released national crime data for 2016. Following the national figures, Ohio’s violent crime ticked up by 2.8 percent and property crime decreased slightly. While any increase in crime raises some concerns, it’s important to look at the data in historical context. Despite the up-tick, violent crime in Ohio is down almost 14 percent since 2008 and an astounding 31 percent from 1997. Likewise, property crime is down 29 percent from just a decade ago.

Competition Will Save Taxpayer Dollars as Ohio Replacing Aging Water & Sewer Lines

Daniel J. Dew October 12, 2017

Ohio has aging water and sewer systems that are constantly in need of repair and many need to be replaced. Unfortunately, some localities are limiting competition by requiring the pipes be made of a more expensive material, when it would be in taxpayer’s interest to consider all materials that are deemed safe.