Ohio's September Jobs Report: Another Tough Month for Workers

Oct 21, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The September jobs report—much like the last three months—doesn't look pretty, although there was a positive unexpected twist.

In June, July, and August, the number of working Ohioans and the number of Ohioans looking for work both decreased. During these three months, the unemployment rate fell, which seems like good news for many people. But as The Buckeye Institute previously pointed out, the unemployment rate was decreasing only because fewer Ohioans were looking for work.

In September, however, the number of working Ohioans fell again, but the number of Ohioans looking for work increased slightly. Although the uptick in the number of Ohioans hunting for a job caused the unemployment rate to rise—from 4.7% in August to 4.8% in September—it's still a positive change overall.

Other than that, the September report was more of the same. The number of Ohioans in the job market fell by another 14,000 and the number of jobs decreased by 3,100. Private employment dropped by only 300, and governments cut 7,800 positions.

The biggest jobs loser was state government which shrank by 2.2%, or 4,200, jobs. The largest gains came in finance and insurance, which grew by 1.2% or 2,700 jobs.

"Although September's jobs report looks mostly grim, there is a bright spot—an uptick in the number of Ohioans searching for work,” Buckeye policy analyst Joe Nichols said. “Hopefully these Ohioans find jobs and then more people follow their lead. The state can help by continuing to roll back unnecessary job regulations and pursuing local tax reform."

The Buckeye Institute analyzes Ohio's unemployment rate to identify policy solutions for increasing job opportunities and strengthening the state economy.

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