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Buckeye Institute secures win in legal battle over early voting

by Jeff Reed August 23, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled in The Buckeye Institute's favor today on Ohio's early voting law. The court reversed a federal judge's decision requiring Ohio to expand its already nation-leading early voting law.

Ohio suffers biggest drop in labor force participation in 26 years, July report shows

by Jeff Reed August 19, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—More than 24,000 Ohioans stopped looking for work in July, causing the biggest drop in the state's labor force participation since 1990. The unemployment rate fell slightly, but only because there were fewer people in the state's labor force, according to a policy analyst with Ohio's free-market think tank. 

Buckeye to U.S. Supreme Court: Why are Europe's skies freer than America's skies?

by Jeff Reed July 29, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Pilots have more freedom to "Uber up in the air" in Europe than they do in America because of a 2015 order by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Today, The Buckeye Institute's Legal Center urged the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse the FAA's backward interpretation of the law and unleash the potential of the sharing economy.

Ohio economy stalls in June, Buckeye Institute expert concerned by state government job growth

by Jeff Reed July 22, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The number of people entering Ohio's workforce fell for the first time in eight months, according to today's June jobs report. A policy analyst at The Buckeye Institute says policymakers should be concerned when the most job gains came from state government. 

The Buckeye Institute and Washington, D.C. "super lawyer" file legal briefings supporting Ohio election laws

by Jeff Reed July 12, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Ohio's voting integrity is being threatened. And to ensure every Ohioan's vote counts, The Buckeye Institute is going to the courts with one of America's top lawyers.

The Buckeye Institute files brief defending Ohio’s early voting law in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit

by Jeff Reed July 01, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Buckeye Institute’s Legal Center submitted a brief today to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit defending Ohio’s generous and nation-leading early voting law. The filing supports Secretary of State Jon Husted’s defense of Ohio’s absentee voting period.

West Virginia Solicitor General to speak in Columbus on lawsuit against President Obama's Clean Power Plan

by Jeff Reed June 28, 2016

Obama's Power Grab: An Insider's Look at the Case Against the Clean Power Plan, a luncheon hosted by The Buckeye Institute and the Columbus Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society

Latest jobs report shows Ohio is a national leader, according to The Buckeye Institute

by Jeff Reed June 17, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Increases in Ohio’s employment and labor force participation rates last month make the state a national leader, according to a policy analyst at The Buckeye Institute. The state’s latest jobs report showed Ohio’s unemployment rate fell for the first time in nine months.

The Buckeye Institute offers state health care reforms in response to likely federal changes

by Jeff Reed June 08, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Buckeye Institute released a report today on how states can grow their health care markets in 2017. The free-market organization's proposals consider what states should do if parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are repealed or kept intact.

House-approved property protections applauded by state think tank

by Jeff Reed May 26, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Yesterday Ohio's House of Representatives passed reforms to civil asset forfeiture, which, under current law, allows government to take property from individuals who have not been charged with crimes. The Buckeye Institute, Ohio's free-market think tank, applauded the reforms.