Why Repealing the Clean Power Plan is the Right Move

Quinn Beeson October 16, 2017

Last Tuesday saw a win for affordable electricity in the state of Ohio and for the rights of states with the repeal the Clean Power Plan. While many will decry this decision destroying the environment, smart policy and common sense tell us otherwise. There are better ways to protect the environment and Americans’ health without circumventing the constitution.

Ohio’s Budget Should Not be Left to Burn While Washington Fiddles with Healthcare Reform

Greg R. Lawson October 11, 2017

The expansion of Medicaid, to largely able-bodied adults, has clearly cost vastly more than what state leaders initially envisioned. As Medicaid spending, the Pac-Man of the state budget, continues consuming state resources, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R- WI) is demanding answers from the Kasich Administration on why the costs of Medicaid have blown up!

Keeping the Power On, Rain or Shine

Quinn Beeson October 04, 2017

In the wake of several devastating natural disasters has come a greater appreciation for our ability to plug in wherever and whenever. As our focus is on those in need and without power in the wake of the recent hurricanes, as well as their families and countless volunteers, we can’t help but also think of our own families and communities here in Ohio. Although not faced with any major natural disasters recently, many Ohioans still worry about keeping the power on, as we face uncertain price hikes due to subsidies meant to ‘save’ several failing coal and nuclear power plants.

Don’t Believe in Free Money, the Lesson of the MCO Sales Tax

Greg R. Lawson September 27, 2017

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That is especially so when images of free dollars are floating in front of politicians’ eyes! Hopefully, this is a lesson that will be learned by most Ohio elected officials after the affair concerning the Medicaid managed care organization (MCO) sales tax fiasco.

A Far from a PURRFect Tax: Revisiting the CAT

Greg R. Lawson September 26, 2017

Today, the Tax Foundation released a new report that delves deeply into Ohio’s commercial activities tax, or CAT, its history and its mechanics. This is the second report from the Tax Foundation that focuses on Ohio. Earlier this year, The Buckeye Institute partnered with the foundation to release Ohio Illustrated: A Visual Guide to Taxers and the Economy. This book shows Ohio policymakers, as well as regular Ohioans, how the state’s overall tax system operates in an easy to understand format – not something easily done when talking about taxes!

Time to Fight the Rising Tide of Occupational Licensing

Greg R. Lawson September 25, 2017

Recently, there has been a flood of potentially harmful legislation that risks undercutting Ohio’s prosperity. Bad bills that expand burdensome occupational licensing requirements to an ever-larger number of Ohioans remains a serious impediment to creating an economically prosperous state where people are able to pursue job opportunities and career advancement without needing to seek costly, time-consuming permission from government. 

Kasich/Hickenlooper, ObamaCare by a Different Name

Rea S. Hederman Jr. September 13, 2017

Ohio Governor John Kasich and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper issued a letter that laid out their ideas for fixing the Affordable Care Act. In a nutshell, the plan’s goal is to increase government spending and enforce the individual mandate in an effort to prop up the ACA insurance markets. Unfortunately, simply spending more taxpayer money does little to fix a core flaw of the ACA – heavily regulating insurance companies – which has driven up premiums and caused insurers to leave markets and leave Ohioans with few or no insurance options.

Students and Parents Are Given Little Choice When it Comes to School Choice

Greg R. Lawson August 31, 2017

More families in Ohio should be able have to avail themselves of school choice than are being allowed to. This is a tragedy for those seeking to escape schools that are not meeting their needs.

A Mixed National Jobs Picture

Greg R. Lawson August 25, 2017

Key job metrics over the past decade paint a mixed national jobs picture. On one hand, the number of job openings over that time shows a positive path and indicates relative optimism in the economy. On the other hand, the actual hiring rate fell, which suggests that not all is well in the labor market. Taken together, this shows the need to continue improving the environment for economic opportunities that can help all Americans.

The Medicaid Pac-Man Keeps Eating-Up Your Tax Dollars

Greg R. Lawson August 23, 2017

Medicaid spending continues to grow rapidly and consume all in its path. In fact, Medicaid spending growth was happening well before the misguided expansion in 2013, and the influx of three quarters of a million able-bodied adults into the program has added new stresses on the program.