Justice in Cleveland’s Justice System: In Serial Podcast Episode 2 Buckeye Looks at Access to Treatment for People in the Justice System

Hannah Fjeldsted October 16, 2018

This season Serial has come to Cleveland to take a deeper look at a typical criminal justice system. Throughout the podcast series, The Buckeye Institute will look at the issues raised and what Ohio can do to fix some of those issues in a blog series, Justice in Cleveland’s Justice System. In the second episode, we are introduced to a problem in the Cuyahoga County courthouse which permeates courthouses across the state – access to treatment for those suffering from addiction and mental health issues.

Corral Ohio's Medicaid 'Pac-Man'

Greg R. Lawson October 07, 2018

In The Plain Dealer, Buckeye’s Greg Lawson looks at Medicaid's pharmaceutical drug program and pharmacy benefits managers writing, “As Medicaid glowers over the state's annual budget and its costs and expenses continue to escalate, state policymakers routinely – and rightly – look for responsible ways to curb those costs in order to preserve other spending priorities without jeopardizing Ohio's fiscal future. Unfortunately, some proposed Medicaid remedies threaten to do more harm than good for Ohio.”

Justice in Cleveland’s Justice System: Buckeye Looks at Mens Rea and Bail Reform in Serial Podcast Episode 1

Hannah Fjeldsted October 03, 2018

The wildly popular podcast, Serial, has come to Cleveland to take a deeper look at a typical criminal justice system. Throughout the series, The Buckeye Institute will look at the issues raised and what Ohio can do to fix some of those issues. In Episode 1, we look at mens rea and bail reform.

Issue 1: Paved with Good Intentions

Daniel J. Dew September 25, 2018

Issue 1 and its criminal justice reform measures would move Ohio in the right direction on a road paved with good intentions concerning issues such as drug possession, criminal sentencing, and mental health treatment. Unfortunately, Issue 1 proponents have chosen the wrong vehicle to take us where we need to go, and that well-intended, well-paved road may not offer as smooth a ride as many of its advocates claim.

No Better Way to Celebrate Constitution Day Than Fighting for Our Liberties

Josh Distel September 17, 2018

Through our work at The Buckeye Institute, we fight for policies that expand and protect our freedoms, defend free speech from those who attempt to silence diverse opinions, reign in government power and overreach, and empower citizens to follow their dreams. And what better way to celebrate Constitution Day!

Public Employees Won Big Over Unions This Summer. Here’s the Next Fight Ahead.

Robert Alt September 04, 2018

In The Daily Signal, Robert Alt outlines why forced exclusive representation is unconstitutional, and why The Buckeye Institute is fighting for the First Amendment rights of hardworking public employees, writing: “The next legal challenge after Janus will indeed come from these same so-called free riders, the non-members who demand the freedom to negotiate, speak, and bargain for themselves, rather than accept union representation that they do not want.”

By Vetoing Regulatory Reform, Kasich Misses Opportunity to Build on Success

Greg R. Lawson August 30, 2018

"On August 2, Governor John Kasich issued a disappointing veto to Senate Bill 221, which would have given elected members of the General Assembly greater oversight over the rule making process and government regulations implemented by unelected bureaucrats," writes Greg Lawson in his lastest blog. 

It's time to stop forcing workers to labor under exclusive representation

Robert Alt and Andrew M. Grossman August 30, 2018

In The Hill, Robert Alt and Andrew Grossman—lead attorneys representing clients in Maine, Minnesota, and Ohio—ask, “If it violates the First Amendment to compel financial support for union advocacy, how on earth can unions assert that they have the right to represent and speak for the unwilling?”

Forced financial support of unions is unconstitutional

Kathy Uradnik August 29, 2018

In the St. Cloud Times, Professor Kathy Uradnik, Buckeye’s client and a political science professor at St. Cloud State University, explains why she is suing her union, writing, “I did not make this decision lightly. I come from a blue collar, union family with a long tradition of union membership…Regrettably, however, unions like the IFO too often 'represent' their members by taking advantage of and discriminating against non-members like me.”

Medicaid support weak without methodology

Rea S. Hederman Jr. August 28, 2018

In The Columbus Dispatch, Buckeye’s Rea Hederman questions what Ohioans have actually learned from the 2018 Medicaid expansion assessment report writing, “It is important to point out that the government’s report did not include a critical piece of information — the methodology explaining how the data was collected… The lack of a methodology makes it impossible to validate the report’s claims and taxpayers and the media are left to wonder if Ohio really is healthier and more prosperous due to Medicaid expansion.”