Time to Fight the Rising Tide of Occupational Licensing

Greg R. Lawson September 25, 2017

Recently, there has been a flood of potentially harmful legislation that risks undercutting Ohio’s prosperity. Bad bills that expand burdensome occupational licensing requirements to an ever-larger number of Ohioans remains a serious impediment to creating an economically prosperous state where people are able to pursue job opportunities and career advancement without needing to seek costly, time-consuming permission from government. 

Kasich/Hickenlooper, ObamaCare by a Different Name

Rea S. Hederman Jr. September 13, 2017

Ohio Governor John Kasich and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper issued a letter that laid out their ideas for fixing the Affordable Care Act. In a nutshell, the plan’s goal is to increase government spending and enforce the individual mandate in an effort to prop up the ACA insurance markets. Unfortunately, simply spending more taxpayer money does little to fix a core flaw of the ACA – heavily regulating insurance companies – which has driven up premiums and caused insurers to leave markets and leave Ohioans with few or no insurance options.

Students and Parents Are Given Little Choice When it Comes to School Choice

Greg R. Lawson August 31, 2017

More families in Ohio should be able have to avail themselves of school choice than are being allowed to. This is a tragedy for those seeking to escape schools that are not meeting their needs.

A Mixed National Jobs Picture

Greg R. Lawson August 25, 2017

Key job metrics over the past decade paint a mixed national jobs picture. On one hand, the number of job openings over that time shows a positive path and indicates relative optimism in the economy. On the other hand, the actual hiring rate fell, which suggests that not all is well in the labor market. Taken together, this shows the need to continue improving the environment for economic opportunities that can help all Americans.

The Medicaid Pac-Man Keeps Eating-Up Your Tax Dollars

Greg R. Lawson August 23, 2017

Medicaid spending continues to grow rapidly and consume all in its path. In fact, Medicaid spending growth was happening well before the misguided expansion in 2013, and the influx of three quarters of a million able-bodied adults into the program has added new stresses on the program.

Lawmakers Face a Full Pipeline of Energy Policies

Joe Nichols August 23, 2017

On Monday, Governor Kasich was speaking at the opening of a new natural gas-fired power plant in Oregon, Ohio when he said:

“…I think it’s important that Ohio stay in a deregulated environment which brings in investors. If all of a sudden you don’t have a level playing field, then you don’t have significant investment. It will go in another place.”

Pipelines lead to jobs, security

Joe Nichols August 18, 2017

For decades, Ohioans have been struggling as the state economy fails to generate enough opportunity—in fact, Ohio has the fifth-worst level of private-sector job growth from 1990 to 2016. To reverse this trend, we need companies to invest in Ohio and create jobs.

Buckeye Institute President Takes Unofficial Motto Seriously

Maggie Kimmel August 02, 2017

Our friend and leader Robert Alt is on the mend after his attempt to summit Mount Elbrus in Southern Russia took a turn for the worse. Upon receiving word of his harrowing journey, WCMH-TV4 (Columbus) and The Columbus Dispatch both interviewed Robert and published stories about his experience.

Finally, Ohio to Review Tax Loopholes

Greg R. Lawson July 28, 2017

It’s about time! Ohio is finally getting prepared to do a deep dive and review the state’s voluminous list of tax loopholes. It is about time. The Buckeye Institute has long been a leader in calling for exactly this type of review so that loopholes are closed and any revenue generated be used for the kind of simple, fair and pro-growth tax reform that is needed to improve Ohio’s economy and grow jobs.

Accused killer walks, a dress-code violator sits in jail

Daniel J. Dew July 21, 2017

An accused serial killer walked out of police custody only to commit another felony. Around that same time, another man was held in jail for violating a dress code. His crime — wearing a hoodie and saggy pants inside an RTA hub. The alleged murderer walked free, while the man with droopy drawers sat in jail. The reason? One had access to money while the other didn’t.