Ohio Must Prepare for New Job Opportunities

Rea S. Hederman Jr. September 05, 2022

On RealClearPolicy, The Buckeye Institute celebrates the hardworking men and women who get the job done and urges Ohio’s policymakers to “continue preparing today’s labor force for tomorrow’s economic opportunities.” “More than half of Ohio manufacturers already lament the skilled-worker shortage that has hindered growth, disrupted supply chains, and exacerbated order backlogs. Policymakers can help—and they must help if Ohio is going to revive manufacturing, shift into the new economy, and take full advantage of Intel’s promise and opportunity.”

STRS ill-considered bonuses highlight need for pension reform

Greg R. Lawson August 26, 2022

In The Lima News, The Buckeye Institute criticizes a recent decision by the Ohio State Teachers’ Retirement System to award millions of dollars in bonuses to investment managers following a year when the retirement fund lost $3 billion. The ill-advised decision highlights the need for pension reform. “Taxpayers should not shoulder the rising, long-term costs of underfunded pensions, and public retirees should not be made to choose between their retirement funds and pursuing career opportunities in the private sector.”

Ohio’s Computer Science Plan Can Be Improved

Logan Kolas August 19, 2022

In a new blog, The Buckeye Institute outlines how Ohio’s draft Computer Science Plan can be improved. Logan Kolas, an economic policy analyst with Buckeye’s Economic Research Center, writes, “If Ohio adopts these changes and further pursues reforms in worker retraining and education, occupational regulation, and globalization, it will put Ohio on a path to correct policy mistakes and meet the economic challenges of an increasingly digitalized world.”

Ohio must stop funding school bureaucracy and put kids first

Greg R. Lawson August 17, 2022

In The Columbus Dispatch, The Buckeye Institute urges Ohio policymakers put students before education bureaucracies and fund students first. “As Ohio students head back to school, Ohio lawmakers should be getting back to work on meaningful education reforms for families. Students need more than a back-to-school backpack. They need more academic options and financial support to make up the learning lost to the pandemic. This is one test Ohio policymakers cannot afford to fail.”

Required computer science

Logan Kolas August 08, 2022

In The Columbus Dispatch, The Buckeye Institute urges Ohio lawmakers to adopt policies that will put the Buckeye State on the path to realizing its ambitious goal of becoming the Silicon Heartland. “The first step is to equip Ohio high school students with the computer science skills they need to succeed in an increasingly digitalized world. Unfortunately, computer science is a skill where Ohio lags its peers in nearly every relevant metric.”

Robert Alt and Eric Flannery Join O’Connor and Company as D.C. Continues its Aggressive Stance Toward Eric

July 27, 2022

Eric Flannery, owner of The Big Board D.C. restaurant, and Robert Alt, president and chief executive officer of The Buckeye Institute and Mr.  Flannery’s attorney, joined WMAL’s O’Connor and Company to discuss D.C.’s additional fines, nitpicky warnings, and temporary suspension of Mr. Flannery’s outdoor streatery permit, which, taken together, make it look like Mr. Flannery is being singled out because of his speech regarding D.C.’s COVID-19 mandates.

The answer is no bail

Alan B. Smith July 14, 2022

In The Columbus Dispatch, The Buckeye Institute shows how a recent shooting in the Mall at Tuttle Crossing demonstrates the need to reform Ohio’s cash bail system and expand the use of preventative detention to detain violent criminals without bail. “Bipartisan legislation pending in the General Assembly, House Bill 315 and Senate Bill 182, would make many more violent crimes eligible for no-bail detention hearings, and hand Ohio courts a much better tool for ensuring the public’s safety.”

Deadly shooting at Ohio Walmart proof high bail not enough to save lives

Alan B. Smith July 08, 2022

In The Columbus Dispatch, The Buckeye Institute looks at the “sensible, legal balance between the public’s safety and the accused’s presumed innocence until proven guilty” when reforming Ohio’s cash bail system. “With significant input from judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, and the bail bond industry, House Bill 315 and Senate Bill 182 set out to fix broken pieces of a complex, imperfect system. The bills follow the Buckeye Institute’s commonsense suggestion to de-emphasize money bail and make many more serious crimes eligible for ‘preventative detention’ before trial.”

Walmart shooting demonstrates need for bail reform

Alan B. Smith July 06, 2022

In The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Buckeye Institute looks at a shooting at a Butler County Walmart, which demonstrates the need for meaningful and comprehensive bail reform. “Ohio voters may well amend the state constitution later this year to give courts more discretion in protecting our communities. But even if they do, lawmakers will still need to improve critical alternatives to bail if they want to strike the right balance between securing public safety and safeguarding constitutional rights and liberties.”

Ohio Senate helping students recoup learning losses

Greg R. Lawson June 22, 2022

In The Lima News, The Buckeye Institute highlights the work of the Ohio Senate and Senate President Matt Huffman in mitigating the learning loss that Ohio’s K-12 students have experienced due to the pandemic. “President Huffman and the Ohio Senate helped keep a bad situation from worsening. And for that, Ohio families should be grateful. But more education reforms will be needed to help students recoup some of their learning losses and recover from the great COVID disruption. The Senate, it seems, is up to the challenge.”