Major business group gives thumbs down to energy mandate

by Greg R. Lawson September 24, 2016

A new report from the Ohio Business Roundtable, an organization composed of CEOs from many of Ohio’s leading companies, pours damp water on those seeking a continuation of the present renewable energy “freeze” that has been in effect in Ohio for the last two years. 

Gov. Kasich helps secure and accelerate managerial opportunities for Ohio cosmetologists

by Greg R. Lawson September 15, 2016

Ohio cosmetologists pursuing salon management roles had another bureaucratic barrier removed yesterday. Through executive order, Gov. John Kasich accelerated the development and implementation of the bipartisan Senate Bill 213 passed earlier this year by the Ohio legislature.

Pensions join government transparency website, but funding data still cloudy

by Greg R. Lawson September 14, 2016

Ohio’s five retirement systems made news yesterday by posting their operating expenses on ohiocheckbook.com. Although the state’s pension leaders should be applauded for their transparency, they also should be asked why a critical piece of information was not included in their submitted data: fees paid to investment managers.

Federal government rejects Ohio effort to improve Medicaid

by Greg R. Lawson September 09, 2016

The Obama Administration just pulled the plug on Ohio’s effort to build a better Medicaid program, which could use some resuscitating toward greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The collapse of working men and their effect on communities

by Greg R. Lawson September 09, 2016

In a previous blog, The Buckeye Institute asked “Has Ohio lost its labor force edge?” In it, author Thomas Kilbane found: Since the Great Recession, disability claims have skyrocketed, and unfortunately Ohio has outpaced the national average in this category.

Why is the EPA not complying with its renewable fuel mandate?

by Greg R. Lawson September 02, 2016

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) apparently ran out of fuel: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not issued a report on the RFS in five years. Even more concerning: The EPA seemingly does not care about ethanol’s impact on the environment.

New transparency partnership will help all Ohioans monitor government

by Greg R. Lawson August 30, 2016

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel and Ohio Auditor Dave Yost recently announced a partnership between Mandel’s award winning Ohio Checkbook and the Auditor’s Uniform Accounting Network (UAN). This meaningful collaboration will strengthen Ohio's march into a 21st century of transparency.

What crime victims think about criminal justice reform

by Bryanna Austin August 24, 2016

Policy wonks and policymakers have a lot of opinions on criminal justice reform. And as Ohio pursues changes to its criminal code, both should listen to an important group of stakeholders not often heard: the victims of crime.

10 things the National Education Association supports that have nothing to do with education

by Greg R. Lawson August 18, 2016

The NEA doesn’t stand for Nuclear Education Association. And yet, supporting a nuclear freeze is one of many issues backed by the national union that has nothing to do with the betterment of teachers professionally. Its members should have the freedom to choose otherwise.

What National Employee Freedom Week means for Ohio workers

by Greg R. Lawson August 16, 2016

Should people be forced, against their will, to reach into their own pockets and give money to a cause with which they disagree? This is a question that thousands of union members in Ohio are confronted with every year. And their ability to make this decision is severely restricted.