State Budgets and Dynamic Scoring: Why Many States Fall Behind

by Orphe Divounguy, Ph.D. December 06, 2016

The general public, policy professionals, and lawmakers often ask the question: is the state government spending beyond its means? If so, by how much? Does waiting to make adjustments help or hurt? Dynamic scoring is a tool that would help policymakers answer these questions more accurately.

What the heck is #GivingTuesday? And what is that pound sign thing anyway?

November 29, 2016

And why is every charity I’ve ever heard of emailing asking for money today when I’m still savoring leftover turkey sandwiches along with that sweetest Ohio State double overtime victory? At The Buckeye Institute, we are here to answer questions, educate, and inspire…

Ohio’s Pension Plan Harms University Faculty

by Greg R. Lawson November 17, 2016

Faculty members at Ohio’s public universities face a decidedly flawed pension plan that deprives many of them of their fair share of retirement benefits. 

Renewable Portfolio Standards and Their Consequences

by Orphe Divounguy, Ph.D. November 15, 2016

The Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) adopted by thirty states—including Ohio—have had a profound and negative effect on state economies, job growth, and electricity prices—with very little environmental progress to show for it.

Increasing economic freedom for military families

by Rea S. Hederman Jr. November 10, 2016

As America salutes her military veterans this Veteran’s Day, we should not forget the daily sacrifices made by the loving families that support them.  Unfortunately, many government rules and regulations make it more difficult for working military spouses to maintain careers and pursue civilian employment that supplements a soldier’s salary.

Buckeye fights Obama power grab – SCOTUS hears oral arguments

by Daniel J. Dew November 08, 2016

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in another case involving a power grab where the Obama Administration ignored the plain text of a statute. The Buckeye Institute filed a brief with the Supreme Court opposing this overreach.

Tax policy on the road to the White House

by Orphe Divounguy, Ph.D. November 07, 2016

What does a Clinton or Trump presidency mean for America’s economy?

Re-elect public sector unions based on merit

by James Bowman October 21, 2016

Ohio law supports an outdated “spoils system” that discourages public sector union elections and makes it difficult for many workers to decide who best represents their interests.  Laws that support that system need to change. 

Why Ohio needs occupational licensing reform

by James Bowman September 29, 2016

Ohio’s occupational licensing laws have been stifling job and business growth in the state. This week, policymakers here moved closer to making Ohio’s employment environment as welcoming as other states'.

New Tax Foundation report shows Ohio still has work to do reforming taxes

by Greg R. Lawson September 28, 2016

Ohio policymakers have worked hard over the last decade to reduce our state’s previously high and onerous personal income tax rate. However, according to the non-partisan Tax Foundation’s latest Business Tax Climate report, these encouraging reforms still leave much to be desired in the Buckeye State.